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Fit to Fly Test

A fit to fly certificate is a medical certificate signed by a General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor. The certificate verifies that you have tested negative for Covid-19 and are fit to fly.

Currently, we offer Covid-19 RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen tests complete with a signed fit to fly certificate. Book an appointment and take a simple swab test at your chosen clinic. If you test negative, we can provide you with a certified Covid-19 fit to fly medical certificate signed by a General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor. To book your test, click here

Our Covid-19 tests are fully certified and accredited by UKAS and PHE, ensuring your results will be accepted by your airline and the relevant border authorities. The RT-PCR swab test is the only test which is universally accepted by all airlines. The Rapid Antigen test is only accepted for travel by certain airlines and border authorities.

Pre-Departure Testing

Currently, some countries require travellers from the UK to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken between 24-96 hours prior to departure*. For further information, get in touch with our helpline – 0116 442 2712.

You may need to take your test between 24-96 hours prior to departure*, this can vary depending on your final destination. For further information contact the embassy, high commission or consulate of the country or territory you are travelling to.

If you are travelling to a country that requires you show proof of a negative Covid-19 test result and you fail to do so, you may be refused entry by either UK or Foreign border authorities. Please see the government website for the most current Covid travel guidelines.

Travel Test Package
(Day 2 and 8 Testing)

The rules you must follow depend on which countries you have been in or travelled through in the 10 days prior to your arrival in the UK, as well as the one you are travelling from. Most travellers are required to perform a Covid-19 test on or before Day 2 of their return to the UK following international travel. Some travellers may be further required to take another Covid-19 test on or after Day 8 of their return. For further information, get in touch with our helpline – 0116 442 2712.

We have now launched our competitively priced Travel Test Package. Book your test now

Testing upon return to the UK is mandatory for certain travellers. If you do not take the required test, you may face a penalty. Please see the government website for the latest information.” Also I think we should change the hyperlink to this page

Test to Release

Some travellers are required to quarantine for 10 days on arrival in England. Under the Test to Release scheme you can choose to pay for a private Covid-19 PCR test. If the result is negative (and the result of your day 2 test was negative or inconclusive), you are no longer required to quarantine. Please note that you cannot take a test until you have been in England for 5 full days.

You can book in your test with us here. We work with UKAS and ISO approved laboratories and are able to provide Test to Release certificates. We have quick turnaround times and can provide you with your results within 12-24 hours depending on your selected service. For more information, get in touch with our helpline – 0116 442 2712.

No, Test to Release is voluntary. If you choose not to participate in the scheme, then you must continue to self-isolate as required by government regulations. For further information, click here.

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