Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before booking an appointment

The information that we request from you is essential for us to facilitate the COVID-19 screening service for you and/or to communicate with you. We will only use the information that you have provided, to allow us to undertake the contractual commitment between yourself and us. All data is stored in a controlled and secure environment. Your personal information will only be accessed by authorised D&A Screening Employees and contractors who require the information to be able to perform aforementioned tasks.

This test is a SELF SWAB test. D&A Screening are solely providing a means of a service. We do not get involved in any advisory action, nor any of the screening or diagnostic procedures of the test. We have partnered with a UKAS accredited laboratory which is also CQC commissioned. Our service is solely to aid in the testing process by provision of their tests to yourself, in our setting, which is COVID-19 secure. We do not accept any liability for any incorrect usage or injury that may occur whilst you are undertaking the self swab test.

If you are purchasing a test for the purposes of travelling, requirements from local authorities at your country of destination may vary. It is important that you check both with the destination authority and your airline to ensure you give us the exact requirements applicable to your trip. Due to the daily variations and volume of enquiries, we are unable to check this on your behalf, and therefore we strongly advise you to have their requirement in writing as we cannot be responsible for that aspect of your test.

If you are unsure, you must check with the authorities and let us know. Travel requirements can be a specific number of hours from the time of test/certificate (sometimes time of sample) until the travel/departure (sometimes local time of arrival).

Your test results will be provided by means of an official Laboratory test results report sent via email.

The Clinic cannot disclose results of any patient to a third party (including relatives) other than a consenting adult.

If you prefer us to give results to someone else, please confirm this to us at the time of your appointment, or by email.

We guarantee that we will ship or courier tests to you and/or the Laboratories in the exact timescales promised to you and will remain in contact with the Laboratory throughout the process until your certificate is released.

We DO NOT guarantee the postal service or the exact day/time of testing as this is outside our control and depends on volumes at post offices and Laboratories at the time of posting/testing. Under no circumstance will D&A Screening be liable for travel expenses, flights or accommodation as a result of any issues with your test, including in the event your result is positive or your flight is delayed.

By purchasing this test, you acknowledge and agree to the terms above and that D&A Screening Ltd cannot be held liable for any losses or delays due to the factors involved, some of which remain outside of our control. Your purchase is understood as formal consent for us to share your details with the Laboratory assigned to test your sample.

By accepting, you are stating you have been symptom-free for fourteen days. Our goal is to help you determine if you are fit for travel. Oro/Nasal pharyngeal swabs are what we utilise for testing active infections. Testing during acute illness can produce test results that do not further inform your treatment plan, and you will be asked to re-test in 7-14 days.

Please note this is a COVID-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen test to tell you if you are currently infected. This test is to be used for travel requirements.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are hereby consenting for D&A screening Ltd to collect your personal data, and aid you in the process of taking a self swab sample by an appropriate member of staff

For any enquiries

Please contact Support@dnascreening.uk