Top Things to Consider when taking a Fit to Fly PCR or Antigen Test

Close-up doctor holding coronavirus test

Covid-19 has astounded the world in epic proportions and is here to stay, at least for now. Making it our responsibility to ensure that we get ourselves tested regularly, even at the slightest inkling, because we never know what variant is going to pass through the world next. Whilst you’re indoors and maintaining social distance, it isn’t much of a concern. The problem only arises when you decide to travel. It is highly advisable to carry out a Fit to Fly test even if the destination you’re traveling to does not require it, not only would this be a responsible thing to do as you would be able to limit exposure to the rest of the world, however, of late. it would also mean no delays or cancellations to your travel plans. By now we’ve all seen the news, the result of not testing has lead to almost 300+ flights in a day to be cancelled and constant queues at every airport in the UK.

Reasons Why You Need To Get Tested

You wouldn’t want an unhealthy person to visit you. In fact, if that happens, you would politely ask the person to leave. Similarly, you would want to make sure that you are not infected with any virus and that you won’t be a threat to your destination. Hence, it is very important to undergo Covid-19 tests for travel. Doing so, you’ll receive a document signed by a doctor who certifies that you are healthy and will not pose a health risk to any other person on your travels or at your destination country. This certificate is given after you take either an Antigen or Covid-19 PCR test. All you would need to do is ensure you book in with a trusted provider, complete the sample swab and let them handle the rest.  Ideally, a PCR is preferred as it makes for a more thorough test, and on the plus side PCR Tests are currently accepted in every country in the world, whereas the Antigen test is only accepted by a select few.

If traveling on an urgent basis, though the whole process can be quiet daunting, it does not exempt you from taking the test. So it’s always best to book your test with a trusted local provider along with your flight ticket, many providers can now offer Express, Same day and Rapid services to ensure you get your results in time for your flight, see:

Cant find a local provider? No Problem

Various providers now offer home testing services. These services can prove to be highly beneficial if you live far from a testing Center, or for some other reason it’s just not convenient for you to attend. Here, you just have to visit the testing providers website, place an order and the kit will be delivered to your address, once you’ve completed your swab you send it back to the provider in the pre-paid envelope and they’ll email you a certificate once they’ve tested your sample and attained a result, it’s that simple! On the odd chance, you are able to attend a testing clinic, the process becomes even quicker as you wouldn’t need to factor in any postage delays etc.

Currently, there are no lockdowns, no major restrictions, and there is free flow of passengers from one country to another. However, this doesn’t mean that things are back to normal. It simply means that we have to be more careful than ever. We wouldn’t want anyone to come to the United Kingdom and infect us with a new strain, hurling us back in to lockdowns. In the same way, we would not want to become a reason for infecting others. Hence it is seldom a good idea to take any one of the above tests to ensure that you are fit to fly to travel. If you wish to get a hassle free Covid-19 Fit To Fly PCR Test done at one of our venues, then immediately book an appointment at our D&A Screening Facility at our Leicester or Nottingham branch by calling 0116 442 2712 or visiting our website: DNASCREENING.UK  


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